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Rotary Mower Parts

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rotary mower partsuklad-zawieszenia

Polish rotary mowers are widely used in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and many other European countries, and many giant brands are now manufacturing this kind of machineries, such as Wirax, Kowalski, Famarol, UNIA, Lisicki, etc. And almost all of the spare parts are commonly applied, like the pulleys, shaft, gears, etc.

If you're looking for rotary mower parts, you've come to the right place.We start from making the bevel gears for Poland market since 2012, and then expanded our product range to casted pulleys, hubs, shafts, plates, and almost the full range spare parts applied in Polish rotary mowers.

Browse our selection to discover your many options in these essential parts to keep life on the farm running smoothly.

Our goal is for you to find the rotary mower parts you need, and buy with confidence.


Our products range includes:

5036010660 Small Bevel Gear

5036010670 Big Bevel Gear

5036010250 Small Pulley

5036020180 Big Pulley

5036020170 Driver

5036010180 Bearing Housing

5036010190 Small Bearing Housing

5036010270 Hub

5036010280 Back Plate

5036020600 Spline Shaft

5036010351 Long Driving Shaft

5036010260 Shaft

5036010611 Shaft

5036010720 Drum Cover

5036010740 Drum Hub

5036010790 Working Hub

5036010770 Hub Plate

5036010640 Frame

5036010370 Working Plate

5036010520 Slide Plate

5036010340 Thrust Plate

5036010360 Drum Cover

5036010300/1 Holder

5036010450 Knife


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