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Planetary Gear Internal Ring Gear OEM Gear


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Planetary Gear Internal Ring Gear OEM Gear
We can produce high precision gears according to customers' drawings and samples.
  • Internal Gear

  • 20CrMnTi; 40Cr; 42CrMo; C40; SAE8620H

  • Broaching or shaping

  • Hub reduction; automobile; construction machinery

  • Carburizing, quenching, nitriding, normalizing

5Planetary Gear Internal Ring Gear OEM Gear

Internal gears are cylindrical gears with inner teeth. Internal gears are mostly applied in many kinds of transmission fields, such as truck hub reduction, industrial gear reducer, automotive AT transmission, wind power, etc. Internal gears can be divided into helical internal gear and spur internal gear, according to the different gear teeth profile.

Nowadays, for internal gears, shaping and broaching are widely applied in the production, according to different production quantities and precision grade.

And for internal gears, we can supply:

1. Material: 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo, Stainless Steel, etc.
2. Moudle:M1-M7; Max O.D.: 400mm.
3. Surface Treatment: Phophatizing, Galvanizing, Black oxide, Sand-blasting or as your requirements.
4. Heat treatment: Hardening and Tempering, Induction Hardening, Carburizing& Quenching, Nitriding, Normalizing.
5. Gears can be manufactured according to clients' drawings and specifications.
6. Gears precision grade can be reached to DIN7 to DIN8.

Production Characteristics


Teeth Broached


Forged Blank


Broaching Line

Specifications & Capabilities

Gear Type Material Heat Treatment Process Grade MAX O.D./mm Module/mm
Spur&Helical Gear 20CrMnTi,C40,C45, 40Cr,42CrMo,     Aluminium Alloy, Stailess Steel 304/316, SAE8620H Carburizing,Nitriding, Quenching&Tempering,  Induction Hardening, Normalizing Hobbing DIN8 200 1-32
Shaving DIN7 200 1-8
Shaping DIN8 400 1-7
Broacing DIN7 400 1-7
Grinding DIN5 300 1-7
Straight bevel Gear Precision Forging DIN8 200 1.5-10
Cold Extrusion DIN8 90 1.5-6
Cutting DIN8 300 1.5-10
Spiral Bevel Gear Milling DIN7 600 1-15
Grinding DIN5 300
Spline Shaft Hobbing DIN8 L600 0.5-2
Grinding DIN5 L260

Production Flow

production flow

Plant Gallery





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