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Differential Side Gear

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Differential Side gear
We provide high precision good quality differential side gears, which are produced through precision forging process.
Teeth Number:
Pressure Angle:
  • Straight Bevel gear
  • 20CrMnTiH3
  • Precision forging & broaching
  • Truck differential
  • Carburizing
IMG_3391_副本Precision Forging Straight Bevel Gear

Straight bevel gears are widely used in the differential and transmission assembly of commercial vehicles, agricultural machineries, contruction equipments, tricycle axles, and many other applications. The main function of bevel gears are to make it possible for two wheels move at different speed. We are specialized in the production of precision forging bevel gears for more than 10 years, and have improved advanced and patent technologies for such products. With the application  of 3D simulation software, we can keep exact mounting distance of meshing gears. Polishing process to the forging mold, turning process to the steel blank, using of normalizing furnace and right heating temperature controlling can make the forging teeth with minimum oxide scale after hot forging and the forged bevel teeth with precision grade of 8. 

Production Characteristics


Precision Mold


Forged Surface

3D software_副本

3D Simulation

Production Flow

production flow

Specifications & Capabilities

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