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Helical Gear Supplier

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Helical Gear Supplier
We can produce high precision gears according to customers' drawings and samples.
  • Cylindrical Gear
  • 20CrMnTi; 40Cr; 42CrMo; C40; SAE8620H
  • Hobbing & shaving & grinding
  • Transmission
  • Carburizing

 Helical Gear Supplier

Gears are widely applied in the transmission machineries. We can produce many kinds of gears according to customers' requirements, such as helical gears, spur gears, straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, etc. With the help of high speed hobbing machineries and high precision shaving and grinding equipments, we are able to provide more than one million pcs of helical gears with precision grade to DIN6. For some helical gears with inner splines, broaching or shaping is applied.

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