Internal Gear Bracket
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Internal Gear Bracket

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Gear Bracket
Gear bracket is applied together with internal gear ring in the hub reduction, construction machineries and many other assemblies.

Teeth Number:
Pressure Angle:
  • Internal Gear
  • 40Cr
  • Broaching or shaping
  • Hub reduction; automobile; construction machinery
  • Nitriding

Gear Bracket

Gear bracket is widely applied in the plantery transmission for trucks, construction machineries, wind power and many other applications. With the help of high tonnage vertical broaching machine and self-made broaching cutting tools, we are able to provide internal gears with out diameter of 400mm. Shaping process is also applied in our factory for internal gears with small quantity or gears not suitable for broaching.

Production Characteristics


Internal Gear


Hobbed Teeth


Forged Blanks

Production Flow

production flow

Specifications & Capabilities

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